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₹2,62,500 Positive Cash Flow. Not Bad for a Simple Deal. I Saw an Opportunity and Took It!

₹2,62,500 Positive Cash flow. Not bad for a simple deal. I saw an opportunity and took it!

Jason Gibb

60%+ ROI - My First Deal!

It was easier than I thought, The investment was only ₹6,00,000 and I now make between ₹30,000 and ₹37,500 a month profit. That's over 60% ROI.

I think that more importantly, I now feel confident to do more!

Thanks Jeff!

Muzammil Mohideen

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The Financial Freedom Masterclass will help you understand not only what you need to do to get out of the rat race, but what kinds of ROI are needed.

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The Complete Guide to Online Business

The Online Business Masterclass is designed for newcomers to the world of online business. Right from the core fundamental technical aspects of online business to marketing and analytics. The Online Business Masterclass is designed to be practical and hands-on with exercises throughout.

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Locate, Analyse and Invest in Cash Flow Positive Websites

Everything you need to successfully invest in cashflowing websites, even if you’ve never owned a website before.

The Website Investing Masterclass…

The Strategy, Tools and Guidance You Need to Build a Profitable Affiliate Business

The Review Website Masterclass goes well beyond education. It is a package of courses and tools, as well as a community of fellow entrepreneurs designed to make your affiliate business a success.

The Review Website Masterclass…

Build Cash flow from Investing in Property

The System, Tools, and Support to help you become a Successful Property Investor.

The Systematic Property Masterclass…

₹1,20,000 to ₹1,50,000 Per Month in Net Profit.

Jeff coached me on his exact process for buying websites. I have a full-time job and travel a lot so I used the travel time to research online businesses to buy and understand how to operate them. With Jeff's guidance, I purchased a site and began operating it. The knowledge I gained not only provided an enjoyable experience operating my own business it helped me in many areas of my full-time job too. The website is a success, with a return on the initial investment in 10 months, and the business generating ₹1,20,000 to ₹1,50,000 per month in net profit.

I never realised how exciting and enjoyable operating an online business could be. I continue to learn new ways to improve each month and apply them to all areas of my business life. Plus this business makes a difference in the lives of thousands of people each month by providing key information for users to make informed health decisions. Making a difference and making a profit, now that is gratifying!

John S

₹1,50,000 a Month from Deal 1, ₹97,50,000 Saved on Deal 2.

Just a big thank you. We followed the steps outlined in the Masterclass, and over the course of a year we did two deals.

Deal #1 is producing ₹1,50,000 positive cash flow. With an investment of just under ₹18,75,000 our yearly ROI is almost 100%.

If that's not amazing enough, we just completed deal #2, and by using the creative strategies we were able to reduce our investment from ₹1,42,50,000 to only ₹4,50,000 that's money we can use for the next deal!

A big thank you for sharing the knowledge!



Jeff Hunt

Website Investor and Operator

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Sunil Jaiswal

Investor & Entrepreneur

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